Friday, January 23, 2015

Feeding The Birds" 1960 - a Baila Feldman painting for sale.

The painting above, in Baila's very early impressionist style, is currently for sale by an outfit called "McNaughton Fine Art" where it is described as follows:
"An elegant and period oil park landscape with children feeding the birds. Signed lower right "Feldman" for Baila Feldman (American, 20th century), a listed artist and painted circa 1960. Feldman won the Vera Adams Davis Memorial Prize in oil painting at the 35th Annual San Francisco Women Artists Exhibition in 1960. Titled verso "Feeding the Birds". Original artist exhibition leaflet accompanies painting. Presented in a period carved gilt-wood frame. Painting size: 18' x 24'."

The asking price?  $799.00  Let me know if you are aware of other sales records.  I might keep a listing on a page I make here for reference by other painting owners.

On the listing a couple of details from the back are presented:
Baila's card, showing the address of her studio at the time and the title and price.

Baila's award listing at the time, showing she won the Vera Adams Davis
Memorial prize for "View from My Window"

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